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Sometimes it is nice having some activity and exploring Samosir and the Batak culture even though in our place you can easily get stuck relaxing or swimming.

But on Samosir island there are a lot of things to do and see. We'd like to offer you information about the most recent activities.


Island (round) trip

The most popular and flexible way exploring Samosir is by motorbike. It kosts around Rp. 100.000 per day including a filled tank. You can rent it almost everywhere or we arrange it for you. Of course, the close by attractions, such as the stone chairs and museum in Siallagen and the king's tomb in Tomok or even Tuk Tuk itself you can easily reach by walk.
For the other attractions of the Island a motorbike or bicycle is essential.
You can go either way aroud the island, however, planning a trip all the way around it's better starting via Tomok, since there the road is most difficult and not recommendable if you're already tired. Once on top of the island just enjoy the spectacular views and Batak village life.
On the northern Part you find the museum of Simanindo performing traditional Batak dancing.
Opposite of Tuk Tuk there's Panggururan, the capitol of Samosir. There's not much to do there but there is the hot spring close by which is nice for relaxing tired bones from bumpy roads. There are several public pools, gender separated. However, the nicest one is a natural pool in the rocks where there is mixed swimming allowed. It's located on the very top, just before reaching the spring.
Between Panggururan and Simanindo you find a beach called Pasir Putih (White Sand). It's quite nice there, especially if you go during the week. On weekends it may be crowded by local tourists. There several restaurants serving the best BBQ fish on the island. You just choose your fish from a basin before it's cought and prepared. Plan approx. two hours of time for that.


 Trekking to Jenny's Guesthouse

A nice way getting in touch whith the Island is trekking up to Jenny's Guesthouse. Depending on your fitness the way up takes 2 - 3 hours, excluding your breaks. Hereby you're gaining 600 meters of elevation. That's why you'll get great panoramic views of Lake Toba during this treck. The way down will take about 1:30 hours.

Alternatively you can also continue trekking all across the island to Panggururan which is a walk of 35 km providing you nice impressions of old traditional Batak villages. Since you'll reach Panggururan in the late afternoon you'll have to go back by public transport.

No matter which version you intend to go, you should start latest by 8:00 am for two reasons:

  • The sun on you back while climbing up if you're too late is a real pain.
  • There might be a risk getting into a rain shower in the early afternoon, which makes the trail really slippery and dangerous.

If it's raining already in the morning or there had been a lot of rain during the night - don't go!


 Boat trip to  Binanga Lom waterfall

If you're a group, it might be nice chartering one of the passenger boats going to Binanga Lom waterfall. It's a whole day trip, where you can also order a nice BBQ on the boat and visit some traditional villages on the way to the waterfall. Once you're there, it's a perfect place for swimming, just jumping directly from the boat. Binanga Lom is the only waterfall that flows directly into the lake.
Since the boat whith the food will be about Rp. 1.100.000 it's most suitable for groups or if shared with some other travellers.


Paragliding at Siulakhosa

Another not so common activity is paragliding from top of Samosir. There are actually two locations on Samosir, one half way up south of Tomok at a village called Huta Ginjang, one right above Tomok on top of the island which is called Siulakhosa. Both places are not too big but well prepared with concrete wall foundation to provide a flat area.

The only spot which is worth the effort bringing your own equipment (there's nothing yet to rent) is flying from Siulakhosa. You get there by motorbike, which you have to rent with a driver, since somebody has to bring back the bike once you're flying. You need to look for a bigger motorbike, because two men and the equipment have to be taken along quite difficult "roads" through the forest.
The road after Tomok until reaching the top is meanwile quite good, but the way back towards Tomok along the summit line is more like an accumulation of rocks rather than a road. The bike whith the driver costs around Rp. 180.000. You should bring a small saw (swiss army knife) since the site is not that often used and the buffalos just shorten the grass, not the fast growing bushes.

The elevation of the site is 1500m ASL whereas the landing site at Bukit Beta (close to Tuk Tuk) is at 1000m ASL. Bukit Beta is a hilly area with short buffalo grass where you can land from various directions - nothing tricky about it.