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The most popular route getting to Lake Toba is from Medan to the habour town Parapat. From there continue by local passenger boat to Tuk-Tuk. The last stop of the boat is Tuk-Tuk Timbul. Elsewise you can take the car ferry from Parabat to Tomok. From Tomok to Tuk-Tuk Timbul it's a ride of ca. 4km.

A summary of the information given below you'll find by clicking the button. You can download it and print it out, so you have it with you during your journey. Ther's also a tourist map of Tuk Tuk and Samosir island.


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Between Medan and Parapat there are several taxi services that are quite cheap. The ride takes between 3,5 and 5 hours, depending on the traffic situation. You most probably will arrive at Kuala Namu Airport north-east of Medan city. There, you just have to walk outside the terminal and look out for white coloured cars of the Nice Trans Taxi Company. This taxi service is the only one which is allowed to enter the airport pick up lanes. Others than that might be found at the airport's car park.

Nice Trans Taxi

Jln. Stasiun Kereta API, Medan Phone: +62 (0)61-4558844

Raja Taksi Trans

Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 130-B, Medan Phone: +62 (0)61-736 6333 / 736 6555


All taxi services have standardized fares between Medan and Parapat. However, prices may rise during local holydays.

Rp. 480.000 for your own chartered taxi

Rp. 85.000 per person for a share taxi from Medan to Parapat

Rp. 80.000 per person for a share taxi from Parapat to Medan


Bukit Lawang – Parapat  / Brastagi – Parapat

On these routes there are also taxi services available, conducted by the same companies as above.


Bukit Lawang - Parapat: Rp. 200.000 per person

Berastagi - Parapat: Rp. 150.000 per person

However, from Brastagi there’s another way getting here via Pangururan on the backside of Samosir Island. You can take the bus to Sidikalang , from there to Pangururan, from there to Ambarita and Tuk Tuk. Via this route there is only local transport and no standardised taxi service available.


Parapat – Tuk-Tuk

Basically there’s a boat every hour between Parapat (Tiga Raja habour) and Tuk-Tuk. Schedule starts at 8:30 am and the last boat leaves at 6:00 pm, so make sure you get there in time. The ride takes between 30 minutes and an hour, depending where you want to be dropped off, just tell the driver. Since Tuk-Tuk Timbul is the last stop, your ride to us will take approximately one hour.


Parapat – Tuk-Tuk (any place): Rp. 15.000 per person

Parapat - Tuk-Tuk Timbul: Rp. 20.000 per person (minimum 2 persons)


Parapat (Tiga Raja) - Tuk Tuk Tuk Tuk - Parapat (Tiga Raja)
08:30 07:00
09:30 08:00
10:30 09:00
11:30 10:00
12:30 11:00
13:30 12:00
14:30 13:00
15:30 14:00
16:30 15:00
18:00 16:00
19:00 17:30


Parapat - Tomok

Alternativeley there's also a car ferry running between Parapat (Ajibata habour) and Tomok. This is an option if you intend using your own or chartered car on Samosir island or if you've missed the last passenger boat. The ride to Tomok takes about one hour.


Private car including pax: Rp. 95.000

Passengers without car: Rp. 8.000

For booking a ride in advance call their office in Ajibata. Phone: +62 (0)625 41194


Parapat (Ajibata) - Tomok Tomok - Parapat (Ajibata)
08:30 07:00
11:30 10:00
14:30 13:00
17:30 16:00
21:00 19:30